> CSMG works with a full range of clients from self-starters to large national corporations, all looking for top of mind awareness for their brand.

Because every client is different, with individual needs, we asses your business goals at every level to acheive the greatest results. Though our clients' specifications vary, the foundation of our working process remains consistent.


Every project evolves via the following process:

Assessment Phase
We sit down to discuss your objectives and goals, providing the assistance you need to articulate your brand attributes and company's competitive edge.

— Discuss your needs.
— Develop a task overview of the project.
— Determine a time frame and budgetary guidelines.

Strategy Phase
After the initial assesment we begin the strategy phase. Here we develop a design, markeing and/or brand strategy to fit your needs
— Examination of your company's strengths and weaknesses.
— Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to determine which media and platform will deliver the greatest results.

Production Phase
Working from the ideas developed, we ready them for production. Our goal is to achieve an approved design concept and follow through with the fulfillment of the project. During this pahse of brainstorming, development and presentation, we work in the following steps:

— Design work for composites.
— Gain approval of design concepts.
— Design refinement and revisements until final approval is given.
— Fulfillment of project through completion.
— Implement thorough Quality Control of project.

Implementation Phase
Now we are ready to proceed. This is what we call the implementation stage when we finalize the production tasks and prepare the project to be launched or presented to your publics. We produce all of the necessary electronic files and documents that allow our clients to carry out the business/marketing strategy that has been established previously. The three steps are:
— Produce hard copies of project.
— Carry out media placement as necessary.
— Carry out marketing plan.

Post-Analysis Phase
Finally, we come to the last stage that we refer to as the post-analysis stage. Six months from the completion of your marketing/advertising campaign, we will carry out a marketing audit to assess our marketing and branding efforts. We shall purposely research in what way our client has benefited by our efforts, and what if any improvements can be made in order to maintain our long-term relationship with you-our valued client.

Whether your vision is big or small, The C.SAW Marketing Group works closely with each client to keep projects on track and in scope. In combination with our industry expertise, we listen and use the information you give us, to create a unique, client-specific program that is all about you!


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